Saudi Dates .. and opportunities to participate in Expo 2015

Thousands of Saudi dates producers dream of showing Saudi dates at Expo 2015 in Milan on May 1, which lasts for six months. The exhibition will focus on food security and sustainable energy. It is decided to allocate a date pavilion to benefit from the large attendance of 20 million visitors, and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has chosen to sponsor this pavilion, display the Saudi products of dates and their derivatives and highlight the cultural and social ties related to this. the product. The participation in this global event for the presentation of dates and palms is a symbolic image of the efforts exerted by the Government of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques to achieve food security through giant projects distributed throughout the Kingdom, with the presentation of cultural and social heritage and scientific creativity through this event. The state has spent tens of millions of riyals in scientific research, which has contributed to improving the quality of production and developing markets according to the latest international studies and techniques. Saudi Arabia's production of dates is estimated at 1.1 million tons, equivalent to about 14% of world production. The Kingdom has made efforts to boost the export of Saudi dates to the European markets in order to raise the incomes of farmers and develop the production mechanism and improve the handling of the product in light of the high standards for dates exported to Europe. Participation in this event is a step in the way of a thousand miles in terms of its impact on European importers, exporters and Saudi producers in an effort to narrow the gap between dates, Saudi Arabia and other dates that have existed within the European markets for decades. While many countries seek to exploit these rare opportunities and exploit them economically, culturally and informally, a state of indifference by some of the people of this country