Attendance is increasing in the activities of the 17th Seasonal Market of Riyadh

The market of the seventeenth seasonal Riyadh market continues to be held in the market of vegetables and fruits at Al-Rabwa market in Riyadh. The market since its inception on 15/10/1435 e has witnessed a great demand from citizens and residents from all over the Kingdom. , But increased in its current season. The market is considered an attractive heritage, so two heritage gates have been established, one for the north and the other for the south, and five for the western side. The market includes 165 shops of 3 × 4 m, distributed among farmers and date traders from all over the Kingdom. The market is witnessing a steady increase in the number of visitors and shoppers, as well as an increase in the supply of dates, and the market has been provided with traditional images to give aesthetic appearance to the shops.